About Us

Goulding Scrap Material Co. in Pensacola, FL was established in 1953.


Humble & Hungry

The motto that keeps GSI’s Drive Alive


On Goulding Lane – that is where today’s family-owned GSI, Inc. can trace its long and prosperous heritage. More than 60 years ago, James Jones started a small scrap business in Pensacola, Fla. with only a pick-up truck and some land. “He would pick up scrap materials from his customers and take them to the lay-down yard,” recalls Russ Crosby, President of GSI, Inc and great-nephew of James Jones.

It wasn’t long before the yard was open for peddlers to drop off their recyclable materials in addition to the route James carved out. Throughout the next four decades, three generations of family leadership has grown the business and instilled a strong work ethic and deep respect for the customer and employees. These traits are exhibited by today’s fourth-generation leadership of Russ Crosby and Rick Rawls and the fifth generation of Dennis and Eddie Crosby @ GSI and Matt Crosby and Weston Rawls @ Scrap Inc, along with Zac Winans @ Milton Iron & Metals

“You must stay humble and hungry,” advises Russ a motto he uses often.  scrap-yard

This guiding principle to fight complacency has helped the company achieve phenomenal growth over the last two decades. The original Goulding Scrap Material operation has grown into three separate scrap and recycling facilities under the current leadership.

Goulding now operates as GSI, Inc. on an 11-acre site in western Pensacola with access to the Alabama Gulf Coast Railroad line and a barge site off of Pensacola Bay. A second facility – Milton Metal and Iron – is located just to the northeast of GSI in Milton to service the eastern Pensacola market. Both locations accept ferrous and non-ferrous material from broad customer base ranging from walk-ins to industrial customers from as far away as 200 miles. These locations in turn feed the shredding operation at Scrap, Inc.

Year after year GSI has grown and succeeded in the scrap business. The company’s ability to recognize market changes and adapt its practices, equipment selection and services provided to meet the needs of the evolving scrap market has fueled the company’s success.